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Battle, Gen. Cullen Andrews.  THIRD ALABAMA!  The Civil War Memoir of Brigadier General Cullen Andrews Battle, CSA.  Edited by Brandon H. Beck.  Tuscaloosa, AL: Univ. of AL Press, ©2000, 180 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $20.


Cole, R. T.  FROM HUNTSVILLE TO APPOMATTOX: R. T. Cole’s History of 4th Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A., Army of Northern Virginia.  Edited by Jeffrey D. Stocker.  Knoxville, TN: Univ. of Tennessee Press, ©1996, 318 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j. $27.


Moxley, Maj. William Morel and Emily Beck Moxley  OH, WHAT A LOANSOME TIME I HAD: The Civil War Letters of Major William Morel Moxel, Eighteenth Alabama Infantry, and Emily Beck Moxley.  Edited by Thomas W. Cutrer.  Tuscaloosa, AL: Univ. of Alabama Press, ©2002, 182 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j. with minimal scuffing, $22.


Laine, J. Gary and Morris M. Penny.  LAW’S ALABAMA BRIGADE IN THE WAR BETWEEN THE UNION AND THE CONFEDERACY.  Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Publishing Company, ©1996, 458 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $20.



Allen, Capt. Ujanirtus.  CAMPAIGNING WITH “OLD STONEWALL”: Confederate Captain Ujanirutus Allen’s Letters to His Wife.  Edited by Randall Allen and Keith S. Bohannon, (Co. F, 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry), Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©1998, 282 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $25.


Benson, Berry.  BERRY BENSON’S CIVIL WAR BOOK: Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter.  Edited by Susan Williams Benson.  Athens, GA: Univ. of Georgia Press, ©1992 Reprint, 203 pp., Cloth, Very Good, d.j., $17.


Robertson, Elizabeth Whitley.  WEEP NOT FOR ME, DEAR MOTHER.  (16th Georgia Regiment) Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co., Inc., ©1998, 168 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Very Good, d.j., $15.

Wilkinson, Warren and Steven E. Woodworth.  A SCYTHE OF FIRE: A Civil War Story of the Eighth Georgia Infantry Regiment.  NY: William Morrow (Harpers Collins Pub.), ©2002 1st Ed., 340 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j., $20.



Cram, Geroge F.  SOLDIERING WITH SHERMAN: The Civil War Letters of George F. Cram.  (125th Illinois Infantry) Edited by Jennifer Cain Bohrnstedt. Introduction by Orville Vernon Burton.  DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois Univ. Press, ©2000, 210 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j., $20.


Winschell, Terrence J.  THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF A COMMON SOLDIER: William Wiley of the 77th Illinois Infantry.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©2001, 1st Ed., 216 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $20.



Thomson, Orville.  Narrative of the Service of the SEVENTH INDIANA INFANTRY in the War of the Union.  (Army of the Potomac Series - 2nd Vol.)  Baltimore, MD: Butternut & Blue, 2nd Vol. Reprint ©1993 with New Material, 254 pp., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), $23.



Davis, William C.  DIARY OF A CONFEDEARATE SOLDIER: John S. Jackman of the Orphan Brigade.  Columbia, SC: Univ. of SC, ©1990, 174 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), Crisp, d.j. (w/small tear on back cover of d.j.), $12.


Davis, William C.  THE ORPHAN BRIGADE: The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn’t Go Home.  ©1980, 318 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Good, d.j. good (d.j. shows some wear)(inscription by author to previous owner), $20.


Guerrant, Edward O.  BLUEGRASS CONFEDERATE: The Headquarters Diary of Edward O. Guerrant.  Edited by Wm. C. Davis & Meredith L. Swentor.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©1999, 716 pp., Index, Cloth,  Fine (like new), d.j., $25.


Kirwan, A. D., Editor.  JOHNNY GREEN OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE: The Journal of A Confederate Soldier.  Univ. of Kentucky Press, ©2002 Reprint,  218 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, New, d.j., $30.



Bergeron, Arthur W.  GUIDE TO LOUISIANA CONFEDERATE MILITARY UNITS 1861-1865.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©1989, Cloth, New, in shrink-wrap, d.j., $30.


Gannon, James P.  IRISH REBLES CONFEDERATE TIGERS: A History of the 6th Louisiana Volunteers, 1861-1865.  Campbell, CA: Savas Publishing, ©1998, 1st Hardcover Ed., 453 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), $25.


Hughes, Nathaniel Cheairs, Jr.  THE PRIDE OF THE CONFEDERATE ARTILLERY: The Washington Artillery in the Army of Tennessee.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©1997, 384 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j., $25.


Jones, Terry L.  LEE’S TIGERS: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, Cloth, New (in shrink wrap), d.j., $40.


Seymour, Capt. William J.  THE CIVIL WAR MEMOIRS OF CAPTAIN WILLIAM J. SEYMOUR: Reminiscences of a Louisiana Tiger.  Ed. w/ Intro. by Terry L. Jones.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©1991, 162 pp., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $17.


Houghton, Edwin B.  THE CAMPAIGNS OF THE SEVENTH MAINE.  Gaithersburg, MD: Butternut, Reprint, ©1987 with New Materials, 334 pp., Appendix, Cloth, Fine (like new), $40.



Ruffner, Kevin Conley.  MARYLAND’S BLUE & GRAY: A Border State’s Union and Confederate Junior Officer Corps.  Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, ©1997, 428 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j. good, $27.



Herek, Raymond J.  THESE MEN HAVE SEEN HARD SERVICE: The First Michigan Sharpshooters in the Civil War.  Detroit, MI: Wayne State Univ. Press, ©1998, 566 pp., Illus., Maps, Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j., $30.


Husby, Karla Jean & Edited by Eric Wittenberg.  UNDER CUSTER’S COMMAND: The Civil War Journal of James Henry Avery.  Dulles, VA: Brassey’s, ©2000, 185 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Very Good, d.j. (only slight 1-in. scuff at top edge), $18.


Sears, Stephen W.  FOR COUNTRY, CAUSE & LEADER: The Civil War Journal of Charles B. Haydon.  New York, NY: Ticknor & Fields, ©1993, 371 pp., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j., $12.



Gottschalk, Phil.  IN DEADLY EARNEST: THE MISSOURI BRIGADE.  Foreword by Edwin C. Bearss.  Columbia, WA, ©1992, Cloth, New (in shrink wrap), d.j., $22.


Hess, Earl J., Editor.  A GERMAN IN THE YANKEE FATHERLAND: THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF HENRY A. KIRCHNER.  First person accounts of The Civil War from a young German who served in the 9th Illinois (a German unit from Western Illinois) and 12th Missouri Infantry.  Kent, Ohio: Kent State Univ. Press, ©1983, 169 pp., Frontis: port., Index, Illus., Maps.  Wear on top and bottom of spine and d.j., Cloth, $20.


Ponder, Jerry.  A HISTORY OF THE 15TH MISSOURI CAVALRY REGIMENT, C.S.A. 1862-1865.  Doniphan, MO: Ponder Books, ©1994, paperback, 196 pp., Illus., Index, Good (small scratches on cover), $14.


Tucker, Phillip Thomas.  THE SOUTH’S FINEST: The First Missouri Confederate Brigade from Pea Ridge to Vicksburg.  Shippensburg, PA, ©1993, Cloth, New (in shrink wrap), d.j., $20.



Bilby, Joseph G.  THREE ROUSING CHEERS: A HISTORY OF THE FIFTEENTH NEW JERSEY FROM FLEMINGTON TO APPOMATTOX.  Highstown, NJ: Longhouse Street, ©1993, 462 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $35.


Hayward, John.  GIVE IT TO THEM, JERSEY BLUES!  A History of the 7th Regiment, New Jersey Veteran Volunteers in the Civil War.  Highstown © 1998, Cloth, New, d.j., in shrink wrap, $30.


Nichols, Isaac T.  HISTORIC DAYS IN CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NEW JERSEY 1855-1865: Political and War Time Reminiscences.  ©1992 Reprint by Robt. and Thomas Lacovara. 257 pp., Illus., Leather, Fine (like new), inscript. by publ., $40.



Keating, Robert.  CARNIVAL OF BLOOD: The Civil War Ordeal of the Seventh New York Heavy Artillery.  (A. of  P. Series) Balt.: Butternut & Blue, ©1998, 1st ed. Limited to 1,000 copies, 565 pp., Illus., Index, Appendixes, like new, d.j., $25.


Raville, J. M.  DIARY OF A YOUNG ARMY OFFICER.  (Army of the Potomac Series) (57th New York Infantry), Leather, New (in shrink wrap), $35.


Swinfen, David B.  RUGGLES’ REGIMENT: THE 122ND NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.  Hanover, NH: Univ. Press of New England, ©1982, 159 pp., Oblong 8vo, Cloth, Very Good, d.j., $15.



(North Carolina in the War Between the States – Vol. 1)  Hill, Daniel Harvey. BETHEL TO SHARPSBURG.  Wilmington, NC, Reprint ©1993, Cloth, New (in shrink wrap), $35; Set of 2 Vol. for $60.


(North Carolina in the War Between the States – Vol. 2).  Hill, Daniel Harvey. BETHEL TO SHARPSBURG.  Wilmington, NC, Reprint ©1993, Cloth, New (in shrink wrap), $35; Set of 2 Vol. for $60.


Chambers, Capt. Henry A.  DIARY OF CAPTAIN HENRY A. CHAMBERS.  Edited by T. H. Pearce, Wendell, NC: Broadfoot’s Boomark, ©1983, 290 pp., Index, Cloth, Fine, $40.


Chapman, Craig S.  MORE TERRIBLE THAN VICTORY: NORTH CAROLINA'S BLOODY BETHEL REGIMENT, 1861-1865.  Brassey's, Inc., ©1998, 358 pp., Hard cover, Leather, Fine, d.j., $12.


Clark, Walter, Editor. HISTORIES OF THE SEVERAL REGIMENTS AND BATTALIONS FROM NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GREAT WAR.  Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot, ©1982 [facsimile of the 1901 E. M. Uzzell ed. ] 8vo. in gray cloth, with gold text and designs on spine and front board. Fine (like new). Title text on spine reads NORTH CAROLINA REGIMENTS 1861-'65. Text on front board reads FIRST AT BETHEL/FARTHEST TO THE FRONT AT GETTYSBURG AND CHICKAMAUGA/LAST AT APPOMATTOX, Vol. 1 is 783 pages; Vol. 2 is 807 pages; Vol. 3 is 761 pages; Vol. 4 is 772 pages; Vol. 5 is 859 pp., $250.


Manarin, Louis and Jordan,Weymouth T., Jr., Compilers.  NORTH CAROLINA TROOPS 1861-1865, A ROSTER.  Raleigh, NC: State Division of Archives and History, ©1966-1990. 14 vols, 4 to. Original cloth. The dustjackets are in very good condition with a rare small tear or rumple, several volumes are still in shrink-wrap. This massive undertaking lists all Confederate soldiers who served in North Carolina regiments with brief biographies of each together.  Each volume is approx. between 600 & 700+ pages.  Complete with subsequent Addenda’s for most volumes.  Extremely rare to find all 14 volumes together, with Addenda, and in very good/near new condition.  $2,000.


Smith, W. A.  THE ANSON GUARDS: The History of Company C, Fourteenth Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers 1861-1865, Army of Northern Virginia.  Wendell, NC: Broadfoot, ©1978 Reprint, 368 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, $25.


Wall, H. C.  HISTORICAL SKETCH OF THE PEE DEE GUARDS, (Company D, 23rd North Carolina Regiment,) From 1861-1865.  Gaithersburg, MD: Butternut, ©? Reprint, 100 pp., Cloth, Very Good (“Review Copy” written in front cover), $12.


Wellman, Manly Wade.  REBEL BOAST: FIRST AT BETHEL, LAST AT APPOMATTOX.  Henry Holt, Publisher, ©1956, 1st Ed., 317 pp., sm., 8vo. Illus., Endpaper Maps ppd., Cloth, Fine, d.j., in mylar cover, $20.



Castle, Albert.  TOM TAYLOR’S CIVIL WAR.  (47th Ohio Infantry, Army of Tennessee) Lawrence, KS: Univ. Press of Kansas, © 2000, 256 pp., Illus., Index, Fine, d.j., slightly scuffed on the back only, $12.


Chester, Capt. H. W.  RECOLLECTIONS OF THE WAR OF THE REBELLION: A Story of the 2ND OHIO VOL. CAVALRY 1861-1865.  Wheaton, IL: Wheaton History Center, ©1996, 257 pp., Map Key, Index, Cloth, New, d.j., $25.


Gilson, John H.  HISTORY OF THE 126TH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY.  Huntington, WV: Blue Acorn Press, Reprint ©2000, 327 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), $20.


Leeke, Jim.  A HUNDRED DAYS TO RICHMOND: Ohio’s “Hundred Days” Men in the Civil War.  Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Press, ©1999, 272 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j., $22.


Stewart, Nixon B.  DAN McCOOK’S REGIMENT: 52ND OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY 1862-1865.  Huntington, WV: Blue Acorn Press, Reprint ©1999, 243 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), Crisp, d.j., $15.



Acken, J. Gregory.  INSIDE THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC: The Civil War Experience of Captain Francis Adams Donaldson (of the 118th PA Inf).  Mechanicsville, PA: Stackpole, ©1998, 500 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth,  Fine (like new), d.j., $25.


Alexander, Ted.  THE 126th PENNSYLVANIA.  Shippensburg, PA: Beidel Printing House, ©1984, 1st Ed., 182 pp., Index, Illus., Cloth, d.j. (light wear to d.j.), Very Good, $35.


Gottfried, Bradley M.  STOPPING PICKETT: THE HISTORY OF THE PHILADELPHIA BRIGADE.  Shippensburg, PA: White Mane, ©1999, 1st Ed., 270 pp., 27 Illus., 17 Maps, Appendixes, Notes, Biblio., 8vo-over 7 ¾"-9 ¾" tall, Cloth, Near Fine, small closed tear to d.j., $20.


Muffly, Joseph W.  THE STORY OF OUR REGIMENT: HISTORY OF THE 148TH PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS.  Des Moines, IA: The Kenyon Printing & MFG, Co., ©1904, 1096 pp., Tear along inside front binding about 3 inches, small chip in back board, Wear on spine, Otherwise in Good condition, (Rare!), $325.


Rawle, William B., et al.  HISTORY OF THE THIRD PENNSYLVANIA CAVALRY, 60TH REGIMENT PENNSYLVANIA: PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS...1861-1865. Philadelphia, ©1905. 642 pp., Illus., Maps, Original Cloth. Wear to cover and flaking on inside front board inside front two pp., (Rare!),  $300.


Skinner, George W. PENNSYLVANIA AT CHICKAMAUGA AND CHATTANOOGA CEREMONIES AT THE DEDICATION OF THE MONUMENTS ERECTED BY THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA TO MARK THE POSITIONS OF THE PENNSYLVANIA COMMANDS ENGAGED IN THE BATTLES.  Pennsylvania at Chickamauga & Chattanooga Battlefields Commission, ©1897; 499 pp., Illus., Exlibris, Red and Black Half-leather. Good, Clean, edge worn copy. Leather spine and corners rubbed as well as marbled board edges, small chip out of rear board, Gilded edges, Interior solid, No smell, Excellent compared to most, $50.


Stewart, Robert L.  HISTORY OF THE ONE HUNDRED AND FORTIETH REGIMENT PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS.  This unit fought at Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  Philadelphia, PA, ©1912, 1st Ed., 504 pp., Index, Illus., Fold out map, Rosters, Cloth, Bright and Clean exterior, Remnants of library sticker inside front board and partial discard stamp, Library blind stamp on title page, but no exterior markings, Bright Boards with Bright Gilt titles on spine and front board, Near Fine, $225.


Baldwin, James J., III.  THE STRUCK EAGLE: A Biography of Brigadier General Micah Jenkins, and a history of the Fifth South Carolina Volunteers and the Palmetto Sharpshooters.  Shippensburg, PA: Burd Street Press, ©1996, 471 pp., Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j., $27.


Boykin, Edward, M.  THE FALLING FLAG: Evacuation of Richmond, Retreat and Surrender at Appomattox. (Boykin was Lt. Col., 7th Reg., South Carolina Cavalry). Camden, SC: J. J. Fox, Reprint ©1992, 67 pp., Cloth, Fine (like new), $20.


(South Carolina Regimentals Series) Brooks, U. R.  BUTLER AND HIS CAVALRY in the WAR OF SECESSION 1861-1865.  Camden, SC: J. J. Fox, Reprint ©1989 (limited to 500 copies), 591 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, $22.


(South Carolina Regimental Series) Hagood, Brig.-Gen. Johnson, C.S.A.  MEMOIRS OF THE WAR OF SECESSION From the Original Manuscripts of Johnson Hagood. (I. Hagood’s 1st 12 Months S. C. V. – II. Hagood’s Brigade) Camden, SC: J. J. Fox, Reprint ©1989, 496 pp., Maps, Index, Cloth, Fine, $25.


Mixson, Frank M.  REMINISCENCES OF A PRIVATE.  (Mixson was in Company E of Hagood’s 1st SC Volunteers – Jenkins Brigade 1861 – Lee’s Army 1865).  Camden, SC,  Reprint ©1990, 130 pp., Illus., Cloth, Fine (like new), $17.


Reid, J. W.  HISTORY OF THE FOURTH REGIMENT OF S.C. VOLUNTEERS.  Dayton, OH: Morningside, ©1981 Reprint Ed., 143 pp., Cloth, Fine, $30.


Simpson, Dick and Tally.  FAR, FAR FROM HOME: THE WARTIME LETTERS OF DICK AND TALLY SIMPSON, 3RD SOUTH CAROLINA VOLUNTEERS.  Edited and Compiled by Guy R. Everson & Edward W. Simpson, Jr. NY: Oxford Univ. Press, ©1994, 316 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), $25.


Walker, C. Irvine.  Rolls and Historical Sketch of the TENTH REGIMENT SOUTH CAROLINA VOLUNTEERS in the Army of the Confederate States. (C. I. Walker, Late Lieut.-Col. Of the Regt. to which is added An Historical Sketch of the Georgetown Rifle Guards, Company A, 10th South Carolina by Sol. Emanuel.)  Introduction by Jim D. Moody. Alexandria, VA: Stonewall House, Reprint ©1985 with New Materials, 222 pp., Index, Cloth, Very Good, $20.


Wells, Edward L.  HAMPTON AND HIS CAVALRY IN ’64.  Richmond, VA: Owens, Reprint ©1991, Cloth, New (in shrink wrap), d.j., $29.



TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR: A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters and Personnel – In Two Parts, Part 1.  Nashville, TN: Univ. of Tennessee Press, ©1984 2nd Ed., 471 pp., Index, Cloth, Good, $35.


TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR: A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters and Personnel – In Two Parts, Part 2.  Nashville, TN: Univ. of Tennessee Press, ©1984 3rd Ed., 608 pp., Index, Cloth, Good (speckled cover), $40; Set of 2 Vol., $70.


Toney, Marcus B.  THE PRIVATIONS OF A PRIVATE—The Campaign Under Gen. R. E. Lee; The Campaign Under Gen. Stonewall Jackson; Bragg’s Invasion of Kentucky; The Chickamauga Campaign; The Wilderness Campaign; Prison Life in the North; The Privations of a Citizen; The Ku Klux Klan; A United Citizenship; Retropsection.  Thomasville, GA: Craigmiles & Associates, Inc., ©1996 3rd Ed., 127 pp., Cloth, Fine, Scarce, $55.


Young, J. P. of Co. A.  THE SEVENTH TENNESSEE CAVALRY.  (Confederate.)  A History.  Dayton, OH: Morningside Bookshop, Reprint ©1976 with New Materials, 227 pp., 7th TN Cav. Rolls, Cloth, Good, Stained Some, $15.



Chance, Joseph E.  THE SECOND TEXAS INFANTRY FROM SHILOH TO VICKSBURG.  Austin, TX: Eakin Press, ©1984, 216 pp., Index, Cloth, Very Good, d.j. (small crinkle at bottom of d.j. spine), $40.


Hale, Douglas.  THE THIRD TEXAS CAVALRY IN THE CIVIL WAR.  Norman, OK: Univ. of Oklahoma Press, ©1993, 347 pp., Yellow cover w/ red lettering on spine, 8vo. - over 7 ¾" - 9 ¾" tall, Cloth, Fine, d.j. yellow with color illustration, (some light marks on d.j.), $20.


McCaffrey, James M.  THIS BAND OF HEROES GRANBURY'S TEXAS BRIGADE, C.S.A.  College Station, TX: Texas A & M Univ. Press, ©1996 Reprint, 262 pp., Stiff Card, Cloth, New, $12.


Polley, J. B.  HOOD'S TEXAS BRIGADE.  Dayton, OH: Morningside, ©1976, 347 pp., Printing on spine is light, VG, $35.


Polley, J. B.  A SOLDIER'S LETTERS TO CHARMING NELLIE.  The letters of Polley who served in the 5th Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade. Gaithersburg, MD: Butternut, ©1984 Reprint (of 1908 ed.), 326 pp., New Index, Cloth, d.j., Fine, $40.


Simpson, Harold B.  HOOD'S TEXAS BRIGADE: A COMPENDIUM.  Hillsboro, NC: Hill Jr. College, ©1977, 1st Ed., 614 pp., Illus., Charts. This is the most difficult volume to find of Simpson's 4-volume works on the Brigade, Very Good, d.j., $130.


Simpson, Harold B.  HOOD'S TEXAS BRIGADE: LEE'S GRENADIER GUARD.  (Hood's Texas Brigade was to Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia what the Old Guard was to Napoleon and the Imperial Army of France-first in the advance-shock troops in battle-the rear guard in retreat. In the annals of American military history few men have fought so long and so well with.)  Dallas: Alcor Publishing Company, ©1983, 2nd Ed., xv, 512 pp., Illus., Maps, Notes, Notes, Bibliog, Index, VG/VG condition (d.j. is price clipped, light wear to dj extremities), 6 x 9, Cloth, Fine, $65.


Simpson, Harold B.  TEXAS IN THE WAR, 1861-1865.  Hillsboro, NC: Hill Jr. College, ©1984, 246 pp., Index, Cloth, d.j., minor wear and one slight small tears less than a quarter of an inch on d.j., book in fine condition, $45.


Stevens, Judge Jno. W.  REMINISCENCES OF THE CIVIL WAR: A Soldier in Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia.  The memoirs of Judge Stevens when he served with Hood's Texas Brigade during the Civil War. He describes his activities in the battle of Gettysburg and subsequent capture. He describes his experiences as a prisoner in prison camp.  Powhatan, VA: Derwent Books, ©1982 Reprint (of 1902 ed.), 213 pp., 8vo.-over 8"-9" Tall, 8vo, Grey Cloth covered boards w/gilt lettering., Fine, $45.


West, John C.  A TEXAN IN SEARCH OF A FIGHT.  Being the Diary and Letters of a Private Soldier in Hood's Texas Brigade.  Gaithersburg, MD: Butternut & Blue, ©1994 Reprint (of 1901 J. Hill ed.), 189 pp., 8vo., Index, Cloth, d.j., Fine, $20.



Coffin, Howard.  NINE MONTHS TO GETTYSBURG: Stannard’s Vermonters and the Repulse of Pickett’s Charge.  Woodstock, VT: The Countryman Press, ©1997 1st Ed., 314 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine, d.j. (slightly scuffed), $20.


Haynes, Edwin M.  A HISTORY OF THE TENTH REGIMENT VERMONT VOLUNTEERS WITH BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF THE OFFICERS WHO FELL IN BATTLE.  Civil War Enterprises, Reprint of 1870 edition, Cloth, 249 pp.,  Complete Rosters and Index, Details of unit actions in Virginia, New, $25.


Ide, Horace K.  HISTORY OF THE FIRST VERMONT CAVALRY VOLUNTEERS IN THE WAR OF THE GREAT REBELLION.  (Army of the Potomac Series - 27th Vol.)  Edited and Additional Material by Elliott W. Hoffman.  Baltimore, MD: Butternut & Blue, ©2000, 1st Ed. Limited to 1,000 copies, 398 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), $35.


Parsons, George W.  PUT THE VERMONTERS AHEAD: THE FIRST VERMONT BRIGADE IN THE CIVIL WAR.  Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., ©1996, 216 pp., Index, Illus., Cloth, Very Good, some wear on top and bottom of the d.j. spine, Clean and tight, unread, $15.


Poirier, Robert G.  BY THE BLOOD OF OUR ALUMNI: NORWHICH UNIV. CITIZEN SOLDIERS IN THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC.  Mason City, IA: Savas Publishing Company, ©1999 1st hardcover ed., 446 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, Fine (like new), d.j. (has scratch on back), $20.


Rosenblatt, Emil.  HARD MARCHING EVERY DAY: The Civil War Letters of Private Wilbur Fisk, 1861-1865.  Foreword by Reid Mitchell. A record of what it was like to fight and win the Civil War. A rich collection of Civil War Letters which presents the minutiae of daily life of the soldier during the period.  Fisk was a Vermont schoolteacher when he joined the Union army in 1861. Until his discharge in 1865, he served as correspondent for a local paper. His letters, almost 100 of them, form the text of this book. Above all they assert the nature of war as drudgery and boredom punctuated by moments of excitement and horror. Fisk was no low-echelon hero. Of his regiment, the 2nd Vermont, more than 200 were. . . .  Univ. Press of Kansas, ©1992, 2nd Ed., 383 pp., 8vo-over 7 ¾"-9 ¾" tall, Cloth, Very Good, in shrink-wrap, $15.


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APPOMATTOX CAMPAIGN - Contact us for prices and more details on any books that interest you.

A Place Called Appomattox by William Marvel


A Ruined Land:  The End of the Civil War by Michael Golay


Advice After Appomattox:  Letters to Andrew Johnson, 1865-1866 (Special Volume No. 1 of the Papers of Andrew Johnson) Edited by Brooks D. Simpson, Leroy P. Graf, & John Muldowny


After the Thunder:  Fourteen Men Who Shaped Post-Civil War America by Wilmer L. Jones, Ph.D.


An End to Valor by Philip Van Doren Stern


Appomattox:  The Last Campaign by Burleigh Cushing Rodick

The Appomattox Campaign:  March 29 – April 9, 1865 by Chris M. Calkins (Great Campaigns Collection)


Appomattox Court House National Historical Park Handbook 


The Appomattox Paroles April 9-15, 1865 by William G. Nine & Ronald G. Wilson


The Battles of Appomattox Station & Appomattox Court House April 8-9, 1865 by Chris M. Calkins


The Beleaguered City:  Richmond, 1861-1865 by Alfred Hoyt Bill, ©1946


Biography of Wilmer McLean by Frank P. Cuble


The Day Richmond Died by A. A. Hoehling & Mary Hoehling


Four Days in 1865:  Fall of Richmond by David D. Ryan

It Happened at Appomattox:  The Story Of An Historic Virginia Village by Mary Louise Gills 

The Road to Appomattox by Bell Irvin Wiley


The Sunset of The Confederacy by Morris Schaff, ©1912


The Surrender Proceedings:  April 9, 1865 Appomattox Court House by Frank P. Cauble


Jones, J. William.  ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA MEMORIAL VOLUME.  Introduction by James I. Robertson, Jr.  Unit listing with numbers of troops and complete texts and speeches of 9 Meetings of the Veterans beginning November 1870 –1879.  Dayton, OH: Morningside Bookshop, ©1976, Reprint of 1880 original, 347 pp., some very light soiling on back panel, name/address in pen on end pg., Cloth, New,  $25.



Bell, Jack. CIVIL WAR HEAVY EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE: A Guide to Large Artillery Projectiles.  Univ. of North Texas Press, ©2003, 537 pp., Cloth, Very Good, d.j.  (New with some light brown spots on bottom facing of pp., one on right facing, does not affect book.)  $40.


Ingrisano, Michael N., Jr.  AN ARTILLERYMAN’S WAR: Gus Dey and the 2nd United States Artillery.  Shippensburg, PA: White Mane, ©1998, 314 pp., Illus., Index, Paperback, Very good, $17.


BATTLE OF ATLANTA - Contact us for prices and more details on any books that interest you.

Atlanta (Campaigns of the Civil War – IX) by Jacob D. Cox


The Atlanta Campaign May-November, 1864 by John Cannan


The Atlanta Campaign “Atlanta Is Ours and Fairly Won”  A Driving Tour of the Atlanta Area’s Principal Civil War Battlefields with A Reader’s Guide to the Atlanta Campaign, A Special Issue of the Atlanta Historical Journal, Vol. XXVIII, Number 3, Fall 1984

The Battle of Atlanta:  The Cyclorama, Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia  (small booklet)

The Battle of Atlanta and the Georgia Campaign by William Key

The Campaign for Atlanta by William R. Scaife


The Campaign for Atlanta & Sherman’s March to the Sea, Volumes I & II Essays on the American Civil War by Theodore P. Savas and David A. Woodbury


The Siege of Atlanta, 1864 by Samuel Carter III


Last Train from Atlanta:  The Heroic Story of an American City Under Siege by A.. A. Hoehling


War So Terrible:  Sherman and Atlanta by James Lee McDonough and James Picket Jones



Gott, Kendall D. Gott.  WHERE THE SOUTH LOST THE WAR: An Analysis of Fort Henry-Fort Donelson Campaign, February 1862.  Stackpole, ©2003, 346 pp., Maps, Index, Cloth, New, d.j., $20.



Downey, Fairfax.  CLASH OF CAVALRY: THE BATTLE OF BRANDY STATION.  Gaithersburg, MD: Butternut, ©1985 Reprint, 238 pp., Black Cloth Cover with gold gilt letters, Fine, d.j., $25.


Von Borke, Heros and Scheibert, Justus.  THE GREAT CAVALRY BATTLE OF BRANDY STATION: JUNE 1863.  Translated from German. Winston-Salem, NC: Palaemon Press Ltd., ©1976, 1st English Translation, Limited to 1000 copies, 143 pp., Index, Wraps, Very Good, $50.  


CAVALRY - Contact us for prices and more details on any books that interest you.

Annals of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry by S. L. Gracey by Introduction to 1996 edition by Erick J. Wittenberg; 371 pp; hard back.


A. T. A. Torbert:  Southern Gentleman in Union Blue by A. D. Slade; 230 pp; hard back.


Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company by Andrew Nelson Lytle (soft cover)


Better a Patriot Soldier’s Grave 6th O.V.C. by William G. Burnett; 257 pp; hard back.


Bold Dragoon:  The Life of J. E. B. Stuart by Emory M. Thomas


Bold Dragoon:  The Life of J.E.B. Stuart by Emory M. Thomas; 354 pp; paperback.


Cavalry on the Roads to Gettysburg:  Kilpatrick at Hanover and Hunterstown by George A. Rummell, III; 554 pp; hard back.


Calvaryman In Blue:  Colonel John Wood Kester of the First New Jersey Cavalry in the Civil War by Donald E. Kester; 212 pp; hard back.


Captain H. W. Chester:  Recollections of the War of the Rebellion – A Story of the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 1861-1865 Edited by Alberta R. Adamson, Robert I. Girardi, Roger E. Bohn; 257 pp; 2 fold-out maps; hard back.


Clash of Calvary:  The Battle of Brandy Station by Fairfax Downey


Confederate Cavalry West of the River by Stephen B. Oates; 234 pp; paperback


The First New York Lincoln Cavalry April 19, 1861 – July 7, 1865 by William H. Beach; 579 pp; hard back.


“First With the Most” – Forrest by Robert Selph Henry (soft cover)


Forrest at Brice’s Cross Roads by Edwin C. Bearss


Four Years in the Saddle:  History of the First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, War of the Rebellion – 1861 – 1865 Compiled by W. L. Curry; 462 pp; hard back.


Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry by Gen. William E. Doster; 132 pp; hard back.


Hampton and His Calvary in ’64 by Edward L. Wells with Introduction by A. Wilson Greene; new in shrink wrap.


Headquarters in the Brush:  Blazer’s Independent Union Scouts by Darl L. Stephenson with Foreword by Brian C. Pohanka; 355 pp; hard back.


History of a Cavalry Company:  A Complete Record of Company “A”, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry by Capt. William Hyndman; 236 pp; hard back.


The History of the Harpers Ferry Cavalry Expedition, September 14 & 15, 1862 by Allan L. Tischler; 338 pp; hard back.


History of the Third Ohio Calvary 1861-1865 by Thomas Crofts; 296 pp; hard back.


The Horse Soldier 1776-1943:  The United States Cavalryman:  His Uniforms, Arms Accoutrements & Equipments – Vol. II The Frontier, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Indian Wars 1851-1880  by Randy Steffen and illustrated by Randy Steffen; 215 pp; paperback.


Jeb Stuart by John W. Thomason and illustrated by the author; 512 pp; hard back.


Jeb Stuart by John W. Thomason, Jr., Captain, U. S. Marine Corps with Illustrations and Maps by the Author; 512 pp; hard back.


Jeb Stuart:  The Last Cavalier by Burke Davis; 462 pp; hard back.


In the Saddle With Stuart:  The Story of Frank Smith Robertson of Jeb Stuart’s Staff edited by Robert J. Trout; 154 pp; paperback.


Kill-Cavalry:  The Life of Union General Hugh Judson Killpatrick by Samuel J. Martin; 325 pp; hard back.


The Last Cavaliers:  Confederate and Union Cavalry in the Civil War by Samuel Carter, III; 338 pp; hard back.


The Life and Campaigns of Major-General J.E.B. Stuart by H. B. McClellan; 468 pp; hard back.


Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest by John A. Wyeth


The Longest Raid of the Civil War by Lester V. Horwitz


Morgan’s Raiders by Dee Alexander Broan; 353 pp; hard back.


Mosby’s Rangers:  From the High Tide of the Confederacy to the Last Days at Appomattox – The Story of the Most Famous Command of the civil War and It’s Legendary Leader, John S. Mosby by Jeffry D. Wert


Mounted Raids of the Civil War by Edward G. Longacre; 348 pp; paperback.


Nathan Bedford Forrest – First with the Most by Robert Selph Henry


Partisan Life with Col. John S. Mosby by Major John Scott


Ranger Mosby by Virgil Carrington Jones


Rebel Raider:  The Life of General John Hunt Morgan by James A. Ramage (soft



Riding With Stuart:  Reminiscences of an Aide-de-Camp by Theodore Stanford Garnett


Saber and Scapegoat:  J.E.B. stuart and the Gettsburg Controversy by Mark Nesbitt; 227 pp; hard back.


Sabres in the Shenandoah:  The 21st New York Cavalry, 1863-1866 by John C. Bonnell, Jr.; 377 pp; hard back.


Sheridan:  The Inevitable by Richard O’Connor; Maps by Wilson R. Springer; 400 pp; hard back.


Sheridan:  The Life and Wards of General Phil Sheridan by Roy Morris, Jr.; 464 pp; hard back.


Stuart’s Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign by John S. Mosby


Spurs to Glory:  The Story of the United States Calvary by James M. Merrill; 302 pp; hard back.


They Followed the Plume:  The Story of J.E.B. Stuart and His Staff by Robert J. Trout


War Journal of Louis N. Beaudry, Fifth New York Cavlary by Louis N. Beaudry and Edited by Richard e. Beaudry; 248 pp; hard back.


2nd West Virginia Cavalry by Joseph J. Sutton; 321 pp; hard back.


With Pen & Saber:  The Letters and Diaries of J.E.B. Stuart’s Staff Officers by Robert J. Trout


Yankee Blitzkrieg:  Wilson’s Raid Through Alabama and Georgia by James Pickett Jones; 255 pp; paperback.





Stephen E. Ambrose.  CRAZY HORSE AND CUSTER:  THE PARALLEL LIVES OF TWO AMERICAN WARRIORS.  Doubleday, 1975, 527 pp., Cloth, Book Club Edition, $12.


Brininstool, E.A. Troopers With Custer Historic Incidents of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  Mechanicsburg, PA, Stackpole Books, 1994; 343 pp., Cloth, $20.


Connell, Evan S.  Son of the Morning Star : Custer and the Little Bighorn.  San Francisco, North Point Press, 1984, 541 pp., with the DJ, VG/G.  $10.


Fox, Richard Allan, Jr.  ARCHAEOLOGY, HISTORY, AND CUSTER’S LAST BATTLE.  University of Oklahoma Press, 1993, 441 pp., Cloth, $25.


Graham, W. A. The Reno Court Of Inquiry, Abstract Of The Official Record Of Proceedings.  Mechanicsburg, PA:  Stackpole Books, 1995, 307 pp., Cloth, New.  Signed by Brian Pohanka, $20.


Thom Hatch. The Custer Companion A Comprehensive Guide to the Life of George Armstrong Custer and the Plains Indian Wars.  Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2002; 288 pp.  Trade Paperback. Fine. 1st Edition. Oversized.  $16—like new.


Hutton, Paul Andrew, Editor.  THE CUSTER READER.  University of Nebraska Press, 1992, 585 pp., $9.


Kidd, James H.  Historical Sketch of Genral Custer.  Monroe, MI: Monroe County Library System, 1978, Approx. 70 pages.  Limited edition. Binding Size: 8vo. Binding Type: Color printed wraps. Near fine.  Publisher: VG. Custeriana Monograph #3 is 242/300 printed.  $25 (sells $25 to $45)


Kuhlman, Charles.  Legend into History and Did Custer Disobey Orders at the Battle of the Little Big Horn?  Mechanicsburg, PA; Stackpole Books 1994; 1st combined edition. 8vo (9" x 6"). xxxvii + 319pp, illustrated. Fine in protected dustwrapper.  Signed by Brian Pohanka.  $25.


Leckie, Shirley A.  ELIZABETH BACON CUSTER AND THE MAKING OF A MYTH.  University of Oklahoma Press, 1993, Book Club Edition.


Marshall, S. L. A.  Crimsoned Prairie.  Charles Scriber's Sons, 1972.  Cloth, Good/No Jacket. 8vo. 268 pp. Numerous photo plates. Red w/ d.j.  Book Club Edition.  $10.


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Monaghan, Jay. Custer the Life of General George Armstrong Custer.  University of Nebraska Press, NE, 1971 (seems to be a later printing). Trade Paperback. Very Good. pp. 469.  $5.  And Trade paperback. Reprint of the 1959 edition.  $8—some small dents in cover.


Quaife, Milo Milton, Ed.  MY LIFE ON THE PLAINS by General George A. Custer.  New York: Promontory. 1995. 388 pp.  Cloth.  Near Fine in Near Fine DJ.  $18.




Sarf, Wayne Michael. The Little Bighorn Campaign March-September 1876.  Combined Books, 1993, First Edition. B&W Photographs and Illustrations.Cloth. 312 pp.  $10.


Taylor, William O.  With Custer on the Little Big Horn A Newly Discovered First-Person Account.  New York, NY:  Viking Penguin. 1996, pp. 207.  First Edition. Cloth with dust jacket. Very Good/Very Good.  $15.


Urwin, Gregory J. W.  CUSTER VICTORIOUS:  The Civil War Battles of George Armstrong Custer.  Fairleigh Dickinson, 1983, pp. 308.  $7.


Utley, Robert M. Cavalier in Buckskin George Armstrong Custer and the Western Military.  Norman: Univ. Oklahoma, 1988. 226 pages. Hardcover. VG/VG.  $10.


Utley, Robert M. Custer Battlefield: A History and Guide to the Battle of the Little Bighorn -Official National Park Handbook.  Washington, D.C.:  National Park Service, 1987, 112 pp. Binding is paperback.  Some scuffs and bends.  $7.


Utley, Robert M., Frontier Regulars The United States Army and the Indian, 1866-1891.  Macmillan. NY & London. 1973. Book club edition. Red cloth hardcover. Maps. Illustrations. Bibliography. Index. 466 pages. Very good condition. Dust jacket.  $12.


Utley, Robert M. The Lance and the Shield.  Henry Holt, NY, 1993, 413 pp., Cloth. Fine/Very Good +. First Edition Stated.  6.25 x 9.5, with dj.  $10.


Vaughn, J. W.  With Crook at the Rosebud.   Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1994; Hard Cover. Good/Good. Cloth. 245 pp plus maps.  As New/As New. First Printing of This Edition. Signed by Brian Pohanka.  $25.

Welch, James.  KILLING CUSTER.  W. W. Norton, 1994, pp. 320, Cloth with dj, as new. $10.


Wert, Jeffry D.  CUSTER:  THE CONTROVERSIAL LIFE OF GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER.  Simon & Schuster,1996, pp.  462.  Signed by Author to previous owner.  $20.


Whittaker, Frederick. A Complete Life of General George A. Custer. Volume 1: Through the Civil War, & Volume 2: From Appomattox to the Litle Big Horn.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska 1993 2 vols., illustrations, cloth, No Jacket. 8vo - over 7 3/4 " - 9 3/4 " tall. Volume 1: Through the Civil War, (Introduction by Gregory J. W. Urwin), xxiv+348pp. Volume 2: From Appomattox to the Little Big Horn, (Introduction by Robert M. Utley), xiv+300pp. Books are in FINE + condition with clean dark-blue boards and silver print on spine, very minor bumping to top/bottom of spine, pages are very clean/tight.  $45 for both.



Wert, Jeffry D., A BROTHERHOOD OF VALOR: The Common Soldiers of the Stonewall Brigade, C.S.A., and the Iron Brigade, U.S.A.  New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, ©1999, 413 pp., Illus., Index, Cloth, d.j., Fine (like new), Crisp, $20.



ANNUAL REPORTS OF THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK COMMISSION TO THE SECRETARY OF WAR 1893-1904.  Washington: government printing office, ©1902, 238 pp., 1st Ed., Red Cloth covered boards/gilt lettering on spine (somewhat faded) with some age wear to cover extremities. 56 pages of text and 238 pages of full page B&W photographic plates including a relief map of Gettysburg.  Cloth, Very Good, $75.


Gettysburg National Military Park Commission, ANNUAL REPORTS OF THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK COMMISSION TO THE SECRETARY OF WAR 1893-1904.  Washington: Government Printing Office, ©1905, hardcover w/red covered boards/gilt lettering on spine (somewhat faded) with some age wear to cover extremities. 107 pages of text and 238 pages of full page B&W photographic plates including a relief map of Gettysburg.  Cloth, Very Good, $115.


Hyde, Bill.  THE UNION GENERALS SPEAK: The Meade Hearings on the Battle of Gettysburg.  Baton Rouge: LA, LSU Press Hardcover, ©2003, 1st Ed., Cloth, New, $25.


Patterson, Gerald A.  DEBRIS OF BATTLE: THE WOUNDED OF GETTYSBURG.  Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole, ©1997, 1st Ed., 244 pp., Cloth, New, $15.


REVISED REPORT MADE TO THE LEGISLATURE OF PENNSYLVANIA, RELATIVE TO THE SOLDIERS' NATIONAL CEMETERY AT GETTYSBURG.  Harrisburg, PA: Singerly & Myers, ©1865, 212 pp., 1st Hardcover Ed., original boards-frontis illus., 2 folding plates, 212 pp., approx. 6x10", Signed in pencil on front page “Col. E. White compliments of McClelland, Gettysburgh 11-1865.”  Serious wear on corners and top and bottom of boards.  Taped spine.  Some pencil figures, foxing, and front blank page torn out.  Cloth, Good, $169.


REVISED REPORT MADE TO THE LEGISLATURE OF PENNSYLVANIA, RELATIVE TO THE SOLDIERS' NATIONAL CEMETERY AT GETTYSBURG.  Harrisburg, PA: Singerly & Myers, ©1865, 275 pp., 2nd Ed., Original boards-frontis illus., 2 folding plates-approx 6x10- Signed in ink on front cover “George Emery, Supt. Gettysburg N. M. P., Jan. 30, 1966—Jacob W. Sheads, Lt. Col. Inf. USAR (Ret).”  Wear on corners and top and bottom of spine.  ½-in. piece missing at top of spine.  Cloth, Good,  $149.


Young, Jesse Bowman. THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG: A COMPREHENSIVE NARRATIVE.  NY: Harper and Brothers ©1913, 453 pp., Some minor foxing, includes frontis of Gen. Meade, Maps and plans and copy of the Gettysburg address. Comprised of 3 parts: preliminary survey, narrative of the battle and the opposing armies. 1st edition.  Inscription on first page 1933, heavy wear to cover.  Front board hinged.  Good, $70.



White, Russell C.  THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF WYMAN S. WHITE, First Sergeant of Company F, 2nd United States Sharpshooter Regiment, 1861-1865.  Baltimore: Butternut & Blue, ©1991, 373 pp., Index, Illus., Maps, Cloth, d.j., New, $30.



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